Lust is life for an incubus

Judging by the desire radiating from the red-faced mortal in his sex shop, there was yet another fast, forgettable meal coming his way. When his intended snack turned him down, even after he’d massaged his prey’s inhibitions, the demon’s interest piqued.
No ordinary human could resist the lure of an incubus for long, and yet Finn was fighting as if his life depended on it. If what Ezra suspected was true, it did. Finn’s lust was not only life for the demon, it was a ticket to fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.
It was time to use his full demonic abilities to bring down his prey, to separate him from his mundane life and relationships, even if it was against supernatural law.

Being propositioned by a mouth-watering stranger was flattering, but a fling would ruin Finn’s carefully planned future. So why couldn’t Finn forget what those sinful, dark eyes promised?


A psychotic episode was the only sensible explanation for his clouded memories, battered body and a lost week of time. Demons aren’t real. They don’t run adult shops or hunt students for their lust. Just because Finn’s housemate had pink hair, it didn’t make her a fae in league with the devil, or a one in a trillion, ‘chosen one’.
But it had felt so damn good to be important and desired, even if it was all in Finn’s head.
Returning to the swirling, beautifully passionate madness, or checking into a psychiatric facility are his options. Whichever way he steps, life as he knows it, is over.
Stranded between two untenable options, with the sun and the temperature going down, a smiling stranger provides a temporary respite from his dilemma.

Unfortunately for Finn, demons and fae are not the only beings stalking the night for the troubled and unwary.


Ezra didn’t exist as far as his kind were concerned. The shameful circumstances of his birth meant he wasn’t even on the ladder of the demon hierarchy. Use or be used were the only lessons he’d learned at the feet of his fellow supernaturals.
Bonding the only vascellum in existence should have brought the status and wealth he’d craved in the endless darkness and pain of his youth. Instead, Finn had brought love and loyalty he didn’t deserve and the demons who sought to pull him back into the night.

An incubus should treasure and protect his vascellum, but what happens when it’s the demon who needs protecting?


Silas stole Ezra’s future, freedom, and spirit with soft words and sympathy. Fabian forged him into a soulless demonic toy who considered humans nothing but prey.
It had taken a century, plus the sweet trust and love of a human, to prove there was more to life than existing.

The supernatural council gave him an ultimatum. Spend another year in Fabian’s cellar or give evidence by experiencing that hellish decade again, via magic?

A day to win his freedom, to prove Fabian’s guilt and make the vampire suffer as he had done. A day to damn Silas.

Can Ezra survive the vampires again, condemn his first love for the sake of his second?


Everyone lies.

They claim he is free, yet Ezra remains cuffed and watched every second. Ezra learned early in life that trust leads to pain and betrayal. He’s not about to fall for the sweet lies again. It’s time to finish what he started in the cellar.

Without the bond link, Finn wouldn’t recognise the hostile, scared, defensive incubus as the captivating demon who stole his heart and soul.

When they met, Ezra used his demonic abilities to push his way into Finn life, his heart and soul. Now it’s Finn’s turn to use as many dirty tricks as necessary to win his demon back. Like Ezra, Finn has no intention of letting his prey escape.




Lust is existence for an incubus.

Hitching a lift on a ‘love bus,’ the last thing Pixie expects to come across is a young anorexic incubus who doesn’t recognize a fae. For a being who feeds on secrets, Ezra offers the ultimate banquet. His mere existence is an impossibility and his bristling antisocial attitude a puzzle she’d risk anything to solve.

Striking out with a human is a new experience. Even after being glamoured, the pink-haired girl wants to reveal his past rather than his body. After sixty years of barely saying a word outside of hunting, finding someone he can’t feed on is a revelation. 

In exchange for her company, Pixie wants information he can never give, so Ezra agrees to find other secrets to feed and bind his new fae friend to him. After all, how can going undercover at a New York bathhouse, a male only all-you-eat buffet for an incubus be a problem?

It is when the owner is a mobster with a humiliation kink and dominants are ending up dead.