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Hi, I'm Emma Jaye

You found Emma Jaye!

(Actually, that’s not too surprising as I suck at hide and seek.)

What I don’t suck at is creating compelling, often complicated characters, with heart, soul, and humor, then I’m REALLY MEAN to them before giving them a HEA or HFN.
My favorite movies are where the hero gets hurt, so yep, you’ll always find ANGST in my stories, usually some ouchies, laughs, and steam.

I started by writing MF romance, but then got hooked on MM and found that I can be even meaner to guys. Sorry (not sorry) characters, especially Chris from Paint (background guy). In compensation, every character gets a full backstory, usually enough for their own story.

When not writing, I herd birman cats and sons; both groups argue that the other is too large. The newest addition to the family is a rottie pup called Loki.

You'll find all the normal 'my books' stuff here, but I've also added in some Emma Notes which I hope will make you smile.

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