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Who doesn't love a bargain box set?

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Incubus I to V

Lust is Life for an Incubus

For the first time, the first five books in the Incubus series in one volume.

Ezra Erotes is the youngest incubus.
Born as part of a secret illegal contract, Ezra survives, hating himself, his own kind, and the beings who forcefully awakened his demonic nature.
Can one young human undo the trauma that forced Ezra’s compassion to wither and die, and let him truly live for the first time in his life?

Past, present, and future. Follow Ezra’s entire debauched, painful and heart-warming tale for the first time in one volume.

Warning: Series includes man-on-man scorching scenes, including dubious consent, torture, orgies, plus broken and healed hearts. 

Incubus Seduction #1

Incubus Possession #2

Incubus Pain #3

Incubus Trial #4

Incubus Freedom #5


Succubus Trilogy

The Succubus Trilogy is a dark paranormal tale of lust, deceit, love and indomitable will, available as one volume for the first time.
Series includes M/F, M/M situations as well as violence and incubus ‘force feeding.’ 

''I do not know how to express how much I loved this trilogy. I usually don't become emotionally attached to books but the ENTIRE spectrum of emotions came out on this one. If you just expecting sex and a lot of smut just because it's a succubus story, you won't be totally wrong, there is some good erotica in here but it's mostly for the sake of the story. I couldn't put these books down! - Amazon customer



Travelling the galaxy in a gilded cage, Chesara has everything she needs, except freedom and the ability to be true to her Dakaran nature.
Can a group of opposites, a military watchdog, a fallen Lord, a shipwrecked alien and a space rat defy the mighty Human Federation, survive each other, and their attraction to the most valuable slave in the galaxy?

books 1 to 5 plus unique bonus story. 

'Fascinating series of books. The main characters developed in such ways that you didn't want to stop reading. Full of plot twists, villains, sensuality, and complex feelings' - Amazon customer


callgirls- sasha box.jpg

Max and Sasha Omnibus

Slip, slide, bump, thrust, and grind.

Take their money, their passion and leave them satisfied. Most clients only care about having their sexual fantasies come true; they see themselves as users. They’re wrong. Everyone has a reason for entering the world’s oldest profession and leaving it.

For the first time, Sasha and Max from the start to HEA, including an epilogue not available anywhere else.


Word count 150K

Call Girls #1 The Beginning
Max's Good Deed.
Call Girls #3 Sasha
Max and Sasha Epilogue 

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