I run because I don’t have a choice. I run for those who can’t, for those inside me.

✅ GENRES: Dark genderfluid parallel universe. Mpreg
✅ TROPES: Genetic engineering. Hurt/comfort.

 🧪 kidnap
 🧪 alpha/beta/omega
 🧪 forced pregnancy
 🧪 religious/political oppression

Heading 5

The Three Faced God should have chosen my Fate, should have molded me according to the needs of my fellow Malthusians, but some assume they are above even God. I should have been at least a beta, hopefully an alpha, but never this.

They thought changing my body would change my soul, that I’d be a compliant omega while they used and experimented on me. Others die, others submit, and say its their Fate.

I know different.

A malthusian caused this, one of my own kind. They think they’ve won, but I’ll win, simply by living another second, another day.

But can I survive alone?

Warning. Contains adult content, a gritty, steampunk alternate universe storyline, including genetic engineering, captivity, torture, domestic abuse, forced pregnancy, and murder. Alpha, beta, and omega genderfluid characters. Length: 120,000 words. Not a standalone. HFN ending.