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Lust is Life for an Incubus
Ezra Erotes is the youngest incubus.
Born as part of a secret illegal contract, Ezra survives, hating himself, his own kind, and the beings who forcefully awakened his demonic nature.

Can one young human undo the trauma that forced Ezra’s compassion to wither and die, and let him truly live for the first time in his life?

Past, present, and future. Follow Ezra’s entire debauched, painful and heart-warming tale.

Warning: Series includes man-on-man scorching scenes, including dubious consent, torture, orgies, plus broken and healed hearts.

Click on each cover for more details.

Emma Note: Watch out for Ezra's catchphrase, 'Demon, remember?'
He's so unapologetic, I love it!
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