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Call Girls #5

Escort, IT consultant, friend, dutiful daughter or scandalous member of the aristocracy?
Everyone sees their own version of the tall, sexy blonde, but nobody wants all of Emily, not even herself.

Jump on board the ‘Afterglow’ for the ride of a lifetime with an uncontrollable nymphomaniac Lady, a less than Honourable son of a Baronet with a huge secret, and m/m couple who aren’t as happy as the dominant partner assumes. When her worlds collide, Emily is left playing the unwilling central role in a honey trap. One sticky enough to catch both alter-egos if she can’t keep her mouth, and her legs, firmly shut.

Contains blackmail, failed BDSM, a runaway Lady, sex addiction,  and adult content including M/M, M/F, M/M/F and M/F/M scenes. Well, what did you expect? Tea and cucumber sandwiches?
Word Count: 90K
Author's note: Inspiration for this one came from my own (distant and very disreputable) blueblood ancestor, plus the many hats we all wear in life.
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