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Call Girls #4

call girls 4-Lucy.jpg


Mistress needed

Brodie Muir likes his relationships uncomplicated and paying women to put up with his sexual demands means he doesn't have to consider their feelings. Due to his disaster of a childhood, he has no intention of inflicting the abuse he experienced on anyone else.
The cheaply dressed pretty friend of his PA piques his interest. That Lucy is probably already a sex worker, will make hiring her for a mistress contract straightforward, besides she clearly needs money. Fitting her into a small part of his well-ordered life will be easy, except that Lucy is a virgin, and Brodie’s father is owed a few things by his successful hard-nosed son.

Adult content includes M/F and M/M scenes. Mild BDSM. Off page non-consent, violence, and a really cute puppy!
Word count: 82k
Genre: erotic romance HEA.
Emma's Note: For anyone who has lost their mum, this one will hit hard, it certainly did for me. And yep, 'Beastie' was based on my own loving, dopey dog who I lost in 2019.
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