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Call Girls #2

Every girl in my building is an escort?

The news was nearly as shocking as being asked to take on a client. A hot, dominant, BDSM loving client, just like the guys in her favourite books.
“All you have to do is convince him you’re an inexperienced submissive wanting to explore the lifestyle, which you are. You have plenty of mind-blowing kinky action, collect a huge fee and walk away.” Sasha made it sound so simple, but the books warned that people new to the scene shouldn’t hook up, but the customer is always right, isn’t he?
Contains spanking, sensual massage, role play, rope play, a shy, body conscious submissive heroine and a seriously hot dominant hero who makes mistakes. 
Call girls: Merissa
Word count:81K
Genre: BDSM romance HEA

Emma's note: This was the first Call Girls book, written at the request of a friend in the BDSM lifestyle full time - she wanted something more realistic compared to FSOG. Researching this book with real members of the community was a massive eyeopener, especially my one and only visit to a BDSM club. According to the real subs, the emotions and sensations depicted are accurate.
Merissa's profession was inspired by my own time at university, got to love estuarine ecology!
Extra note: I took SIGNIFICANT liberties with the attractiveness and wealth of the characters compared to reality. This is fiction after all. 
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