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Call Girls #7

Three damaged people. Three obsessive lovers.

Battered physically and mentally, Nick Philips does the only thing he can after barely surviving his last mission; he plasters on a smile and carries on.

Ending up working for the woman whose life he saved, who almost cost him his, hadn’t been his plan.
Falling into bed with the young doctor who had treated them hadn’t been on his agenda. Protecting them from the evil and twisted in the world is his aim, even if that included himself and his psychopathic ex.

Nick: Call Girls #7 is the final book in the Call Girls Series.
Contains m/f, m/m, and m/m/f scenes and a Happy Ever After for everyone!
Word Count 105K
Emma's Note: Its bittersweet leaving these characters, I always have trouble moving on, but I think its time to let them live their lives without me butting in.
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