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Hybrid #7

Dagus recognised the red-eyed woman as dakaran the moment she walked into the slave pens on Garia where he was about to be sold. What was even more surprising was that she had a voice in her head that told her that Chesara’s was her sister.

However, this was a very different animal to the kind and caring woman he owed a life debt. This sister was the top dog in an environment where only cold, calculating killers survived. Unfortunately she was also his only possible way off Garia, if he could persuade her that he was worth keeping alive.

His mentor Tenset had taught him how to charm the ladies, and to rely on your friends. The problem was, this was no lady, and his only possible allies were a meek former Federation medical Ensign, and two men who had been born and bred to kill. The Ensign looked at him with pity, the bald castrate with indifference and the one called Hal seemed happy to add him to the dinner menu.

Survival appeared to be dependent on doing what he was told, but Dagus had never been particularly good at toeing the line. The only difference was that this time, disobeying a direct order wouldn’t just get him busted back to ensign, it’d cost either him his life.

Contains graphic M/F and ménage scenes plus violence.

Word count: 67,000
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