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Hybrid #6

Kill or be killed is the only thing that matters to Azrica, the red-eyed ‘devil’ who scared the humans in the slave compound of the garian arena almost as much as the lizards she fought against. The garian philosophy that only the best of their young, the strongest, the most cunning and intelligent should make it to adulthood played right into her hands. Azrica’s philosophy was far simpler, killing as many lizards as possible before she had that inevitable ‘unlucky’ day. Federation humans were nearly as bad, as they were equally responsible for her situation.
The only fly in her simple, ordered life was a certain blond stud male named Hal. Bred to fight and reproduce, he did both frequently and damn well as he made his way steadily up the slave hierarchy. Despite the brutality of his life and the ever-present prospect of a violent death, he always had a smile on his face and a flirtatious comment on his lips. He treated her as a friend, a future lover, even though she did her best to persuade him otherwise by slitting the throat of a man who had tried to bed her.
When Azrica unexpectedly survives a final level bout, not only is she given control of the warmblood compound and tasked to produce more successful human gladiators, she is awarded a slave. Unfortunately for Hal, a newly caught, puny, white skinned male, named Jeron is selected instead of him. She couldn’t possibly prefer him, could she?

Contains graphic M/F scenes and violence.
Word count: 66,000
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