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Incubus Revived  

Incubus #6


Lust is existence for an incubus
Hitching a lift on a ‘love bus,’ the last thing Pixie expects to come across is a young anorexic incubus who doesn’t recognize a fae. For a being who feeds on secrets, Ezra offers the ultimate banquet. His mere existence is an impossibility and his bristling antisocial attitude a puzzle she’d risk anything to solve.
Striking out with a human is a new experience. Even after being glamoured, the pink-haired girl wants to reveal his past rather than his body. After sixty years of barely saying a word outside of hunting, finding someone he can’t feed on is a revelation. 
In exchange for her company, Pixie wants information he can never give, so Ezra agrees to find other secrets to feed and bind his new fae friend to him. After all, how can going undercover at a New York bathhouse, a male only all-you-eat buffet for an incubus be a problem?
It is when the owner is a mobster with a humiliation kink and dominants are ending up dead.
Nero Seal
5.0 out of 5 stars Hilarious and steamy!
Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2019
Verified Purchase
Incubus Revived is a prequel to the Incubus saga. Ezra’s past and his first encounters with pink-haired Pixie are finally being revealed, and OMG, isn’t it hilarious?
Going from a suicidal mule owner to a champ of the very shady bathhouse, Ezra is fireworking smart-ass remarks, funny situations, and a lot of fluids!
The book is not safe for work, and have to come with a warning: no eating and drinking while reading.
5.0 out of 5 stars Ezra & Pixie!!!
Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019
We start Incubus Revived where we left off with Ezra being rescued from Fabian’s prison. Best of all we finally get to hear how Ezra and Pixie meet!!! I’ve been wanting this story since I first read about Pixie. Ha, Pixie and her stories. I love her fierce, take-no-bull attitude, but my heart still hurts for Ezra. I’m so glad she and Ezra have each other.

I enjoyed the boathouse desk scene, funny. I like playful Ezra but he does tend to get himself in lots of trouble when he opens his mouth. When you add in pissed off people, well, let’s just say bad things can happen. I appreciated how this book answered some of my questions from the series as well. Pixie raises a very good question in the last chapter. I wonder about the answer. I thought the ending to this amazing series was brilliant; leaving us with the epitome of Ezra.
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