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Maahes Character Interview

These boys refuse to behave themselves, but if you want more, you can grab them here (free in KU)


Živan + Lev

1. What was your first impression of the other character?


Živan – “Mysterious, dangerous, sexy.”

Lev – “Annoying, irreverent, hedonist.”

Živan – “You could have said sexy too.”

Lev gives Živan a hard stare.

Živan grins. “Nothing to say? That’s because you don’t lie. So you must think I’m sexy.”

Lev -“Next question.”


2. If you had to compare (the other character) to an animal, which animal would it be and why?


Lev – “Živan is a male lion. Concerned with his territory, his stomach, and mounting others.”

Živan – “King of the beasts? I’ll take that.”

Lev – “Male lions are lazy, driven by nothing but desire. It is not a compliment.”

Živan – “And yet it’s the chosen form of your God, Maahes. Do you think I’m godlike? You do, don’t you? Especially when I—”

Lev grits his teeth. “Just answer the question.”

Živan’s grin gets wider. “I love the way your eyes flash when you’re pissed.”

Lev – “I am not pissed. I merely wish to get this over with. Ra comes and I need to pray.”

Živan – “You wouldn’t be lying, little Kiska, would you? Because that would mean one of your declarations going up in smoke.”

Lev – “My name is Lev, not ‘pussy’. Answer the question.”

Živan sighs. “You’re no fun. Right, the question. Lev would be a black-footed cat. An adorable, remorseless killing machine.”[NS1] [E J2] [NS3] 

Lev – “Thank you.”

Živan -“They’re really cute too.”

Lev glares.



3. If you could change one thing about him, what would it be?


Živan – “No question about this. Less religious stuff. Seriously, it’s damn boring.”

Lev – “Thinking with his head rather than his cock.”

Živan – “Liarrr, you just blew one of your declarations.”

Lev looks down his nose. “Have you learned nothing? Hands of Maahes do not lie.”



4. What do you fear the most?


Lev - “Not getting into A’aru, or heaven, for you unbelievers.”

Živan – “Having to hide who I am. Although I still have to be careful around my uncle, aunt, and cousins.”


5. What makes you happy?


Lev – “Knowing I’m as prepared as I can be for the Afterlife.”

Živan – “I’m owning the lion thing. Territory, winning, primal sex, rawr.”


6. What’s primal sex?


Živan rubs his hands together. “At last, something interesting. It’s a type of kink. A hunt or a fight as foreplay and then go for it, as rough as you like. Marking your partner, a visible claim, is often part of it. Most other primals are either predator or prey types, but I’m versatile. Win or lose, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as it’s a good battle. I usually have to agree to rules before a scene in a club, but with Lev I can do whatever I like. Chasing, punching, choking, bloodplay, I love it all.”

Lev – “If you don’t value your life, you are welcome to try.”

Živan gives a nervous chuckle. “You’re kidding, right?”

Lev gives him a blank stare.


7. Ookay, so, let’s leave that for a moment. What do you like to do in your spare time?


Živan – “Are you not listening?”

Lev rolls his eyes. “You are so predictable. In my spare time, I hone my skills so I can continue to honor Lord Maahes.”

Živan – “And you say I’m predictable?”


8. How do you deal with someone who crosses you?


Lev – I dedicate their death to Maahes. Draw an ankh on my chest with their lifeblood.

Živan – “If they are a good-looking guy, I go all primal on their ass, but sometimes a guy refuses to play. In that case, I use this.” Holds up a dog training clicker.


9. What do you need the clicker for, Živan?

Živan’s face splits with a grin. “I use it to train reluctant pets. When they do something I like, I click, and they get a food treat. Like this, see?” Click click.

Lev shudders, glares – “Click it again, and I’ll make you swallow it.”

Živan – “Click?”

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