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Call Girls #6

So she sucked at being a sub. Big deal.
Time to put on her big girl knickers and move on. After her disastrous affair with BDSM club owner Quinn Fredricks, putting the skills she learnt into practice and giving others what she can’t have, provides the focus of her life. The only rule is, nobody touches her. Celibacy is a far easier option than taking down the walls around her heart.

When the intriguing and grieving Nick Philips asks for her help to shut down a human trafficking ring, by infiltrating the gang as a Domme, it sounds like a busman’s holiday.

Bondage, flame play, human ponies and tropical islands are all idyllic, if it’s what you want….
Word count: 103K
Genre. BDSM thriller. m/f   m/m
Missy's story concludes in Nick.
Emma's Note: Missy's story was the most requested in the series, but it turned out a little different to the others, and has more in common with some of my other series in terms of action and physical peril.
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