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Call Girls #3

call girls 3-Sasha.jpg
Zack hates.
He hates Aiden for sticking by him, hates Max for still being the confident bastard he was at school. Most of all he hates himself for not dying along with a one night stand.
Max Knowles watches the woman he introduced to the life putting on her ‘happy hooker’ face as one by one, her girls get their happy ever afters. Every day, her smile gets a little more strained, and his heart breaks a little more. The solution is clear, but will the cost of putting permanent smiles back on the faces of people he cares about, be the loss of the woman he loves?

Contains m/f, m/f/m (no m/m) and higher multiple ménage scenes, role play, and characters damaged by life, inside and out.
Word count 90K
Timeline overlaps with Merissa (Call Girls #2)
Emma's note (rant): I don't actually have personal experience of being a escort or running an escort. As much as I appreciate fan mail, asking for my 'prices' is not polite, but I'm thankful that my stories appear realistic.
I write paranormal too,  I don't sit down with vampires and werewolves for a cuppa either.
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