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Hybrid #5

Emma Note: this is an extra story in the series and contains only humans. For the continuing story of Panaya’s hybrid children, move to Hybrid #6: Gladiatrix.

The tough, good-time girl persona Silk had developed to protect herself from the people who had tried and often succeeded to make her life unpleasant was serving her fairly well on the tropical paradise Island of Teora. A warm, comfortable place to sleep and people to flirt with and entertain was her life’s ambition, the occasional lie or thirty to achieve that wasn’t a problem.
The web of lies she had hidden behind for months starts to unravel as the important people, the ones that mattered in the universe left her without even bothering to say goodbye. Left at the mercy of the handsome bar owner Rustek, who is and has, everything she has ever wanted, makes hiding her identity even more important.
The girl who was once unwanted by the universe finds herself top of the wanted list of two very different men. Rustek, the green-eyed bar owner who risked his life and murdered to save her worthless life and the bereaved, blackmailing father of her abuser.

Both believe that she is the upstanding, twenty-something, daughter of a businessman on her frozen home world of Berellia and that the baby she is carrying is their relative. Keeping her secret will ensure Rustek’s and Chesara’s safety, but will it cost her the child growing inside her, and the man she loves?

Contains graphic M/F scenes. Dubious consent.Word count: 55,000
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