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Incubus Pain

Incubus #3

Ezra didn’t exist as far as his kind were concerned. The shameful circumstances of his birth meant he wasn’t even on the ladder of the demon hierarchy. Use or be used were the only lessons he’d learned at the feet of his fellow supernaturals.
Bonding the only vascellum in existence should have brought the status and wealth he’d craved in the endless darkness and pain of his youth. Instead, Finn had brought love and loyalty he didn’t deserve and the demons who sought to pull him back into the night.

An incubus should treasure and protect his vascellum, but what happens when it’s the demon who needs protecting?
5.0 out of 5 stars Memories
Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019
In Incubus Pain by Emma Jaye, we get to see a reversal of sorts. Finn takes on more of a protector role as Ezra is the vulnerable one. We get to learn more about Ezra and past; it wasn’t a pleasant one but it does shed light on why Ezra is the way he is. Also, the three shifter brothers added a lot of humor to the story. It’s a good thing they’re pretty.

I really liked seeing Finn become stronger and own who he is. I have a feeling he’s going to be a bada$$. I am concerned though about what the future holds for them as there are some worrisome twists that occurred in this installment but the ending did have me cheering on one special person.
Amanda D.
4.0 out of 5 stars Just keeps getting better
Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2020
Gah!!!!!!! These books are so not good for my sleep schedule. I’ve been sucked in and it’s so hard to put them down. My allegiance flip flops as I read each book and now knowing what I do, I would like to think I am firmly in Ezra’s court. The poor demon. To realize you are in love just to have it ripped away again. Even being a sex demon doesn’t stop the need or the want in his heart. Onto the fourth book in the series. Sleep is overrated right?
Sieran Lane
5.0 out of 5 stars We finally get Ezra's backstory!
Reviewed in Canada on June 3, 2018
Verified Purchase
It was very satisfying to read about Ezra’s backstory at last, which explains his motives in the previous books; and we see that he does indeed care about Finn. As I mentioned in my review of Incubus Seduction, I have never met incubi or succubae in literature who were good guys prior to this series. So I was glad to see Ezra portrayed positively—he doesn’t even look like an anti-hero anymore! Rather, he’s a sympathetic character who was forced into extremely trying circumstances.

I don’t imagine that incubi or succubae get much sympathy or respect from others, even from fellow supernaturals, since having sex with strangers seems to be viewed as base and degrading. But maybe the supernatural society in this series has a more positive and open attitude towards casual sex, incubi, and succubae. Speaking of sexuality, it looks to me that most characters in the story are bisexual, and gay characters like Finn are described as “picky” about gender! It’s fun to imagine a world where most people are bi or pan, rather than straight.

Another aspect of this story universe I found notable, is that vampires are considered to be demons here. Not all fantasy series see vampires as demons, and some stories put vampires, fae, witches, warlocks, and wolf shifters in a category separate from demons, where the latter are viewed as pure evil.

In Incubus Pain, it was astonishing to see Ezra in a weaker, more subjugated position, because he was mostly in a more powerful and advantageous status in the previous two books. Ezra has definitely come to a turning point in his life, so no wonder his beliefs and attitudes towards Finn and others change so much in Incubus Pain. Yet, I thought it was a bit sudden when Ezra realizes that he enjoys Finn’s company even apart from the sex. I do believe that Ezra transforms in how he perceives Finn, but it still felt somewhat abrupt how he came to these new realizations and feelings towards Finn, in my opinion.

What I really loved about this book, aside from learning about Ezra’s past, was how Ezra and Finn struggled to help each other. Prior to Incubus Pain, I didn’t see very much between the two aside from physical attraction and Finn’s emotional attachment to Ezra. But in this book, we finally see more love, caring, affection, and even self-sacrifice. I know this isn’t supposed to be a “sweet romance,” but I thought their relationship was actually quite sweet and touching.

Overall, a very pleasing and absorbing book. I’m reading Incubus Trial now!
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