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 Malthusia Fate

Malthusia #1

The Three Faced God should have chosen my Fate, should have molded me according to the needs of my fellow Malthusians, but some assume they are above even God. I should have been at least a beta, hopefully an alpha, but never this.
They thought changing my body would change my soul, that I’d be a compliant omega while they used and experimented on me. Others die, others submit, and say its their Fate.
I know different.
A malthusian caused this, one of my own kind. They think they’ve won, but I’ll win, simply by living another second, another day.
But can I survive alone?

Warning. Contains adult content, a gritty, steampunk alternate universe storyline, including genetic engineering, captivity, torture, domestic abuse, forced pregnancy, and murder. Alpha, beta, and omega genderfluid characters. Length: 120,000 words. Not a standalone. HFN ending.
True 🌈 Loveislovereview
5.0 out of 5 stars A masterpiece Period!
Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020
A masterpiece! Period! 5+++ stars

I’ll try to give a review without spoiling or give too much away of the story.
Read it yourself is magnificent, not one page, not one sentence is dull.

By following Taven on his journey the whole Malthusian sapiens way of living is revealed before our eyes. From the point where Tav is just a little boy to where they are an adult.
Life is cruel, it’s all about animalistic reproduction, big Alpha’s breeding their omega’s. Omega’s who aren’t allowed to do anything but give birth.
You’ll never know for sure until time tells you what you are, an alpha, beta, or omega. There are circumstances to gendering. There are always exceptions.
Taven didn’t want to manifest any gender. Taven’s current world isn’t to Taven’s like.

“I’m going to do what Pa wants. I’m going to study, and be a professional beta, but not for him, not for the Grabars. I’m going to help omegas without a voice.”

For all sapiens, the scum of the earth seems to be an omega. They have no rights, no place, only obedience.

When Taven finally lives the life they want, their Grabar Prime Alpha demands him home.
Life is all about manipulation, representing yourself to secure your place in the hierarchy, it’s all or nothing. Something Taven intelligent mind can’t live with. Never return home is their motto.

At the same parallel timeline as Tav’s, we meet Mir, proto-alpha of the Reeve family. A broken family, all hopes are on Mir.
Mir’s life is hard, running the family without an omega. Mir is protective until they are unable to. They have to run and run. Luck isn’t with Mir. Their life is horrible, vicious things are happening.

So far a bit of the story, everything is so essential, I can’t say too much or I’ll spoil and that would be a disaster.

What a narrative! Unbelievably detailed, developed to the extreme. There is a mountain of hurt of all kinds and a lot, A-LOT of damage. Omega’s without guardianship are prey.

What a ride, quite a masterpiece. I have to reach deep inside myself to find the right words to describe it all.
An intelligent story, so well thought out. The world the author created was magnificent.
There is so much viciousness, agony, injustice, small-minded opinions, no loyalty, I wanted to scream out loud. Respect for Mir and Tav, who are both so different from the others of their gender.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! Definitely not your usual mpreg!!
Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020
Verified Purchase
This story takes place in a fictional world where people grow into their genders/non gendered. Alphas big huge guys who are fertile and can impregnate, betas who are non gendered and omegas who carry and birth children. Alphas are he/him , betas and non gendered kids are they/them, and omegas are she/her. The story starts with Tav and their well to do family. It explains how Alphas dominate and Tavs father is the Prime Alpha of the area. Tav just wants to stay a beta or non gendered when he reaches puberty. He sees how his mother is treated as someone who doesn't matter and he doesn't want that for himself or his younger sibling. His older siblings act all Alpha although they haven't sprouted testicles yet. Tav studies hard so whe he remains a beta he can become a doctor or lawyer and go into the city away from his family.
The second part of the boon follows Mir. Mir is the oldest child in his family
Their family is not so well to do. Mir works really hard at keeping their younger siblings fed and cared for.
For each Tav and Mir, one day changes everything.

I dont want to say anymore of the story but I couldn't put it down. Definitely looking forward to book 2.!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars So Good! Can’t Wait for Book 2!
Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020
Verified Purchase
I Proudly Received an Advanced from Author For Honest Review, and because I loved it so much I Bought it Immediately!!
I Give this Book a Perfect 5/5 Star Rating.

This is Omegaverse, if you don’t know what it is, please take the time to look it up before you judge this book. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s DEFINITELY Mine.
***When you READ this BOOK, PLEASE READ the ‘Author’s note: The birth of Malthusia’, it’s incredibly insightful & humorous.
BUT it is VERY Important.
Same with the Glossary & Pronoun Chart.
***.DO NOT SKIP.***

I LOOOOOOOOVE >In-Depth< Omegaverses, or any book in General when they involve an insane amount of detail.
They’re hard to find, because it takes time/dedication, and having a thoughtful thought process to make so much detail.
That way you know EXACTLY How Everything Works, and are able to SEE the Unique Book/Series Universe clearly from the eyes of the Author.
I Love this Take on Omegaverse.
I Also Want to Express if I See a Glossary and/or Grammar Chart, I AM HOOKED, nothing makes me happier than seeing an Author that is developing a world, is willing to help guide you into using ‘their terms and grammar’.
And the order of how you’re reading is so significant! ☺️
Love It.

This Review Has Absolutely Zero Spoilers, And I’m Trying To Write this Review as Vaguely as Possible so I Don’t Give Anything Away.

HEA(?): It CAN be taken as a HEA, but in reality No Yet :)
Cliffhanger(?): Heck YES!!! I Never want this to End!
Romance: (As of Now) 3.5-4/5

These two (*) will be rated different, because of how it is in the book.
*Heat: 4.5/5 (Not Bad at all ☺️)
*DARK Heat: 5/5

Drama: 5/5
Suspense: 5/5
Dark(?): Absolutely. 4-4.5/5
This May be Darker for others.
And while I Don’t have Triggers, I can very well spot them, and this does contain some triggers.

This Book...I Can’t Tell You How Much I LOOVE THIS BOOK!
It’s So good and has everything I’d want in a Dark Omegaverse, Tav & Mir are such Unique and absolutely breathtaking characters, I Personally Never Encountered Ones Exactly Like Them as ‘Beings’, in an Omegaverse. Really Trying to be Vague Here Lol 😂

The Way this Book is Organized is Fantastic & Very Important.

I Want to Buy This Book The Very Moment it comes out, I want it as an Ebook, Paperback & Audiobook -I at least hope it goes to Audio one day, I’d pay whatever price when it becomes available.-

I Am Highly -And Do Not Take This Lightly- Anticipating Book 2!
I Completely Recommending This.
JoyffreeTop Contributor: Fantasy Books
5.0 out of 5 stars How can I possibly put into words the heartbreaking journey that was Fate: Malthusia?
Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2020
I am not even sure where to start with this review -
How can I possibly put into words the heartbreaking journey that was Fate: Malthusia?
I had the opportunity to read this as a Beta reader and as an ARC reader
- but that was not enough
I also read the final release on kindle
Each time I stumbled upon something new
A disparity or imbalance that broke my heart -
So many times I just wanted to hold Tav and protect him, her, their against societies injustices - the social norms
I also found new reasons to hope, to believe, to smile -
Somehow, despite all the cruelties laid upon Tav hope was not something he,she, they surrendered. Faltered yes - just long enough to throw a small pity party
This was all the things that make a novel worth reading -
It drags you in and makes you a part of the story.
The universe building was extraordinary! The cast? Each one was unique and powerful to the story line.
This is a full-length novel that deals with real-world disparities
Not for the faint of heart

The story is our world but not -
It takes place in a parallel universe where the discrepancies we so easily dismiss on our side of the veil are not so easily overlooked here
The discrimination - The intolerance - The inequalities
Jaye holds no punches -
Fate is Brutal- Raw - Honest
No politically correct sidestepping of the truth
No hiding of the injustices, the twists of societal norms to meet the religious and political wants
Heed the warnings
If you do take this journey -
Come with an open mind

Oh and a lot of tissue, maybe a teddy for comfort, a stiff drink to wash down the painful truths
This ends on a happy enough for now but never despair as Jaye has more in store for Tav and Mir
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