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Pied Piper

DeMMonica World


Silence is golden when words can kill.
The best thing the only male siren can do is die, without ever saying another word. One more night of life proves one too many. His mother’s family want Domino alive until he’s fulfilled the prophecy of fathering the most powerful siren ever to exist. Then his bones will become commodities on a mage’s shelf.Goading his captors into ending his miserable, guilt-ridden existence fails thanks to a new, irritating, and cheerful abductor who claims to be saving his life but lies through his teeth.
Silent sarcastic sirens with a death wish aren’t Jude’s typical bounty. But the job to return a runaway to his mage father sounds like easy money for the leopard shifter. Money that will help fund Jude’s only goal in life, ending the rats who murdered his family.Not getting involved with his bounties is a life rule Jude never breaks, but there is something about this kid, besides having a voice that could wipe out every rat in existence with a word.
Bone amulets, prophecies, and shifters bind this dark web of secrets that could cost not only their lives but the world.
Pied Piper is a dark paranormal romance set in the same DeMMonica world as Emma Jaye’s Incubus series.
Emma Note: There will be more DeMMonica books, but if you want more Domino, let me know.
Piper Reviews


JoyffreeTop Contributor: Fantasy Books
Right from the opening, I was enchanted!
Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020
I have to admit I am a big fan of Jaye's work so when I heard there was going to be a standalone that cameoed some of the cast from the Incubus series - I was all kinds of "give me now!"
SOOOO worth the wait!

Domino is on the run trying to stay one step ahead.
He is the sweetest of Sirens.  A rare male - Coveted. But not in a good way
Jude is a bounty hunter whos life quest is to get justice for his family. He is a dichotomy of lethality and laughter -Seriously - I jest you not.

So what happens when a depressed siren who is highly prized is captured by a shifter with strong morals?
Lots of laughter, a bit of angst, and a whole lot of smoking hot interspecies fooling around
This ranks in my top five favorites of Jaye's work.
One moment I was white-knuckling my kindle screaming in frustration at the unfairness only to flip the page and find myself laughing at Jude's antics then to flip again and find my heart lodged in my throat at the horror that laid before me.
And yes it flips from humming along "we are all good" to "OMG NO!" that quickly
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing story, loved reading it
Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2020
This book just skyrocketed to the top of my favorites. Domino & Jude's story is so perfect, I loved reading it and didn't wanted it to end. I just wanted to be (and still want to) with them in this world.
(So yeah, next step is read the whole Incubus series by Emma)

Domino was an adorable character, I easily fell in love with him, and his background story was so so good. The whole siren side of the story was so amazing, and the way that Domino hasn't used his voice because of it was the best. I loved reading those scenes when he was mute, this way when he really used his voice those were so much better and more emotion filled.

Jude was a really great character and I loved how strong but still vulnerable he was. He was such a cutie and a marshmallow. Loved him! Especially in his leopard form, aww so powerful and lovely.

It was filled with action, romance, bit darkness and a bit erotica, it was more then exciting and really interesting. And the ending, holy crap, so so good! I cried a little- but shh, don't tell anyone. It was so cute. Loved it so much.
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